Introducing the Tesla Model 3

Los Angeles

The first time I met Tesla Model 3 was not in the Show Room Tesla, but on the streets of Los Angeles. At first I decided that I was just very lucky, but after a while I saw her again, and then again.

In general, it turned out that at least two of my assumptions were erroneous. Firstly, I thought it was almost impossible to meet Model 3, but in a week I saw it on ordinary city roads 3 times. Secondly, there are about the same number of electric cars on the streets of Los Angeles as on the streets of Vancouver (I assumed that there would be much more in California).

This may be a coincidence, but the vast majority of all Tesla that I saw in California were gray. Of course, there were other colors: In
general, other EVs, for example Fisker Karma:

But, back to Model 3, we can say that on the road it looks more like Model X than Model S - i.e. it’s easy to confuse with Model X and very difficult to confuse with Model S.

San diego

This city is famous for the fact that on the coast you can meet dozens of fur seals,
and in Show Room Tesla you can meet Model 3:


Model 3 is not in vain standing between Model S and Model X - the body, although smaller, but in outline, really, is something in between. Someone says that “live” Model 3 looks much more beautiful than in photographs. I can’t confirm this. There are no repulsive lines or elements, but there is nothing special. Yes, it is a beautiful car, but nothing more. I specifically drew attention to the build quality of body panels and clearances. I did not find anything criminal - there are less gaps than Toyota Corolla 2017, which we rented here.

Front trunk

I would say that the front trunk is unexpectedly large. Those. it can really be used as a trunk and several shopping bags will fit easily.

Not front trunk

The trunk is large, but could be wider. As far as I remember, in Model 3 you can transfer about 2 times less baggage than in Model S (the size is better visible in the video).


The external door handles are strange, but you cannot say that they are uncomfortable - you just need to get used to them. It’s not entirely clear why they are not made in the form of a button, as it was done in Model X, especially since the door itself opens a little when the button is pressed on the door (the video shows how this works). Worst of all handles, in my opinion on the Model S, is an unnecessarily complicated and unreliable solution, in which door handles from time to time tried to unexpectedly guillotine my fingers.


The display is large and fast. If the machine is charging, you can see the data on the screen without even opening the door:

The screen has an ideal position, but a bit strange design - for me it looks a bit alien to the dashboard. It works very fast. Almost all the necessary settings are at hand, but again you need to get used to it. For example, it takes time to find where the button is located that opens the glove box (there is no separate physical button yet). By the way, about the box. Not so long ago, another Model 3 got into a major accident (the front of the car crushed almost to the passenger compartment). The driver told Twitter that he was not injured and immediately reserved a new Model 3 for himself, but complained that the screen was broken, shrapnel wounded the passenger and he could not get the insurance that was in the glove box. Musk reacted to this and promised that they would redo the glass of the screen to one that would not produce such fragments and make the box open itself in case of an accident.

On the one hand, it seems that there are too few real physical buttons and controls - for example, the wiper mode and cruise control speed are also configured on the screen. On the other hand, it is believed that this is due to the fact that after some Tesla should be able to autonomously drive (level 4) and rumors are circulating about Car Sharing - in this case, transferring everything to the screen is justified.

In general, Model 3 users complain that the software is raw, many features are still missing, navigation sometimes paves the way very slowly and in general, everything is very simplified compared to Model S / X.

Steering wheel

The steering wheel is convenient, functional, the right size and thickness, but not beautiful - unfortunately the steering wheel from the prototype got into the final version. The steering wheel joysticks are cool, but I personally found it uncomfortable that they had to be “twisted” all the time, instead of just turning in the right direction and then letting go at the right time. This can be tedious for adjusting the steering column and mirrors, but it is also understandable - less traumatic (it’s harder to press down the steering wheel) and more unified - if the volume is controlled by “torsion”, then why should the mirror settings work differently?


For me, this is the main plus of Model 3. The fact is that in any car, no matter how I set up the deflectors, they will still blow me either in the neck, or in the chest, or in the face - after which my muscles ache. The way it is implemented in Model 3 is a real salvation for people with problems similar to mine. A simple and excellent solution from some distant future (the video shows how this works). Again, this will allow you to save individual settings for each driver.


The Tesla Model 3 is definitely not a Large Luxury Car. The difference between the Model S / X and Model 3 is very large. These are completely different cars in terms of solutions and class. Model 3 also has leather, various electrical settings of very comfortable driver and passenger seats, a transparent roof and other lines and elements of an expensive car, but by the degree of "luxury" Model 3 loses a lot to its older brothers. After the Model S / X salon, I just don’t feel like returning to Model 3 :)


I still like Model S / X much more, but would I buy Model 3 now if there wasn’t such a lineup? Undoubtedly. Model 3 is a great car with very interesting and functional solutions in the most unexpected places (for example, charging phones on the front console, joysticks on the steering wheel, ventilation, etc.), the best in its class with a wide margin from any competitors in almost all positions. Will I buy it when the expectation of delivery is reduced to a couple of months? Unknown Apparently, this will happen no earlier than in a couple of years, during which competitors can present their equally interesting decisions.

Small video


Today, Tesla Model 3 began to sell in Canada and I made a reserve. So far, they promise delivery closer to the end of 2018, but, of course, the waiting period can either increase or decrease, as has recently happened with Model 3.