Kingston DataTraveler Bolt - backup of your vacation

It would seem that the creators of the "apple" devices made sure that their gadgets were perfect. That's just the majority of owners of these devices are still faced with a number of problems related to the closeness of iOS. Since the release of the first iPhone, users have not ceased to wonder how to expand the memory of their device. And when buying Apple technology, you have to consider that the capacity of internal memory is a constant. Or not?

With the ninth version, iOS began to turn more and more towards users, allowing it to connect all kinds of peripherals. Already now to throw pictures on a flash drive - a trifling matter. Especially when you have Kingston DataTraveler Bolt.

It is noteworthy that Apple itself produced (and continues to release) special adapters for the same SD cards, but they only work in a very peculiar way: instead of transferring it from the device’s memory to an external drive, it is suggested that the camera upload content to a mobile device. Quite a dubious undertaking - unless there is no other device for displaying the image at hand, but you need to look at the photos here and now. What's even more interesting, adapters with reverse functionality in Cupertino continue to be ignored, but at the same time they successfully certify third-party accessories.

  • Form Factor: USB Flash
  • Interface: USB 3.1 Gen 1 / Lightning
  • Memory capacity: 32, 64 or 128 GB
  • Dimensions: 40.7 × 12.2 × 7 mm, in the case - 65 × 20 × 11 mm
  • Weight: 7.2 g, in the case - 14.4 g.


A modest cardboard package, a plastic box - nothing more. The flash drive itself is "wrapped" in a metal case: to break it or bend it like that - you need to rub it, so there are no kilograms of polystyrene or "pimples" inside. The main thing that is printed on the front side of the case (in addition to indicating the capacity of the drive) is the MFI certification logo, which guarantees work with any current and future version of iOS. Considering how various noname accessories like to “fall off” after the next firmware update, this point should not be ignored. Inside the box, in addition to the flash drive itself, there is a rubber case with a ring that can be fixed on the keys. The drive holds inside it qualitatively, no shake is scary: only the conscious desire of the user to get and use the device. Another plus of this storage method is protection against static. In our world of victorious synthetics and surrogate tissue, the accumulation of decent potential by things is a common thing. And with this thing, a USB flash drive can be inserted and removed without fear that a spark will slip between it and sensitive electronics.


The construction and design of the DataTraveler Bolt practically do not differ from many modern flash drives - only the Lightning plug, which is located opposite the classic USB Type A for connecting to a computer, gives out “i-devices”. The size of the gadget is 40.7 × 12.2 × 11 mm, when worn in a case - 65 × 20 × 11 mm, the weight barely exceeds 7 grams.

The case is all-aluminum, its production uses the same manufacturing process as Apple devices. So the appearance of the accessory will be perfectly combined with your new "X" or classic 5S. The only thing that distinguishes the flash drive from the original “apples” is the absence of a company print with a “stub” on aluminum, instead of it there is a native logo. Workmanship is nowhere higher: the case is monolithic, the strength is almost endless. Until you begin to use Bolt as a hammer or bottle opener, you don’t have to worry about its safety in everyday work or on long trips. Seriously, this is a cast piece of aluminum, what can become of it?

Getting started

For the device to work correctly, you need to install the Kingston Bolt proprietary application from the App Store on your smartphone or tablet . It provides support for all the functions of the gadget: backing up photos from a smartphone to an external drive and photo-video shooting with direct saving to a USB flash drive, and viewing media materials. The application interface is simple and straightforward - even a baby can figure out five buttons and classic galleries.

When you first start iOS, it will ask for access to photos, after which the program will offer to make a complete copy of all media files. Subsequent backups will only capture new images and videos, which significantly reduces the time to create the next backup. In addition, the application supports separate indexes for each device used. This means that you can back up multiple phones and use the drive to save other data from your computer. Backups will be marked in accordance with the names of each gadget, and will not interfere with each other.

In addition to regular backups, the program provides several other useful options. For example, you can create a backup on a USB flash drive by deleting the source from the phone’s internal memory. Transferring photos and videos from a USB flash drive to a phone, similar to Apple's original accessories, is also available. Another interesting mode is the direct saving of photos and videos to an external drive, bypassing the internal memory. This option will allow you to avoid unnecessary copying procedures with subsequent removal, and viewing the resulting media on external devices will simplify. However, there is a much more interesting scenario. Two seasons of the best series of last year, a full-length BD-rip at 720p on the road? With filling on the i-device, it will take a lot of time and almost all the space on your device, and even iTunes can show off. With Bolt ' ом — дело на 30-40 минут и ноль проблем.

Practical testing

Unfortunately, the certification process at Apple is quite strict and for steps left or right - not execution, but close to that. Therefore, at the moment, DataTraveler Bolt is a pure photo accessory, the application does not yet provide any additional functionality. You, of course, will be able to record anything on a flash drive - music or other documents, a cryptocurrency wallet or some other “secret” data. That's just iOS itself with its crazy DRM will not show anything. However, an application update is possible in the future - the question is only in Apple’s goodwill. Keyboards and browsers have already been allowed to change, maybe, and get to third-party drives?

Regarding the immediate functionality, everything is smooth. At the moment, both full copying and backup of only selected photos and videos are available, viewing them on the device and working with several iPhones in turn. Backups do not mix, each gadget creates its own folder, in which it stores all synchronized good. To connect to a PC, the device uses the latest generation USB interface - 3.1 Gen 1.

Records in terms of copying speed should not be expected (however, iOS closeness also affects, not least limiting performance when working with third-party devices), but it will be quite enough for everyday use. In our test, transferring nearly 6 GB of data (500 photos and 20 good videos) from the iPhone 8 to Bolt took about 12 minutes, and copying from the drive to the MacBook Pro took 42 seconds.


On the one hand, with the advent of Apple devices with a starting memory capacity of 64 GB, the relevance of external drives should decline. On the other hand, do not forget that not all users change their iPhone or iPad to a new model every year, and for a whole army of owners of 16-32 GB smartphones, such a flash drive will be an excellent acquisition. Yes, and lovers of mobile photography will appreciate the ability to save free space in the internal memory of the smartphone - because the smartphone is not eternal, but a flash drive? What will she be? Especially in such a reliable performance.

The application has room to grow: the “fruit company” will give slack - it will be possible to steer other files as well, but for now you can free up space for new impressions or capture new ones on the go, even if your smartphone is jammed to the eyeballs. In terms of choice of drive capacities - there are all the most running sizes. 32 GB for backups? You are welcome. Need more? 64 and 128 at your service.

Kingston DataTraveler Bolt 32GB and 64GB USB drive in Russia is sold exclusively in Citylink stores .

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