Looking for speakers at Front-End MeetUp March 28

Our internal Front-end community in Raiffeisenbank is actively developing, colleagues regularly meet to exchange experiences and useful useful knowledge. We know how important it is to communicate with people from other teams and projects, to be able to ask for advice, discuss technologies that have just appeared and share experience. Therefore, on March 28, we will organize Front-End MeetUp. We invite speakers ! Details under the cut.

We are interested in reports:

  • Frontend architecture (ATM, for example)
  • New practices and development approaches
  • Automation and Testing Tools
  • Blockchain and machine learning on js
  • Developer experience
  • And all the rest

Tell us about your work! Suggest a topic that you would like to share, and we will help you in the preparation. The structure of the report should include 20-25 minutes for the report itself and 5 minutes for questions. Presentations at the application stage are not required.

To send an application, fill out the form ! Applications are accepted until March 20 inclusive.