3D Vlog: All About Digital Production - # 1 Meet

Hello! My name is Vasily Kiselev, I am the owner and managing director of Top 3D Shop, and this is the first issue of my video blog dedicated to the development of 3D technologies in Russia.


In these videos, we will communicate with those who promote additive technologies - manufacturers of equipment and materials and consumers of their products, with those who use digital technologies in production and with amateur makers, discuss successes and consider individual application cases.

I want to start the first issue by getting to know our company, so now we are going to our central office and see how everything is arranged there.


Top 3D Shop is a trading and manufacturing company that supplies equipment for digital production - these are 3D printers, 3D scanners, machine tools, consumables, accessories, accessories and components.

You can read about the history of Top 3D Shop, its appearance and first steps in an article on our blog.

We have production departments in Moscow and St. Petersburg that provide services on this equipment and others that are logically connected - that is, in addition to 3D printing and scanning, this includes modeling, prototyping, molding of plastics and metals, machining on CNC machines, laser and milling.

In addition, we have a service department that deals with commissioning, repair, training and technical support.

In our Moscow showroom, we meet customers, show them the possibilities of digital production, consult and solve specific production problems using digital processes.

On the second floor of the office there are sales and logistics departments, administrative and support staff.

We have a similar office staff in St. Petersburg, and the total staff is about 60 people, including IT staff and a content department.

Below we have a room for preparing goods for shipment.

It also houses storekeepers and service department managers.


In 2017, we grew up great and “pumped”, approaching the total annual turnover of 400 million rubles.

Organizational processes within the company are evolving - the growth of turnover and number of employees determines these changes, making the structure of the company more rational and thought out.

Now, for example, we are building a middle line of management - before, top managers, commercial and managing director, were responsible for all the processes in the company, personally managing client managers and engineers. This paid off at the initial stages, but it is impossible to manage a larger structure in this style - now we are identifying leaders, leading specialists in areas of activity, and we will distribute responsibility, duties and authority among them.

Based on the results of 2018, we determined that the share of transactional sales through the online store is about 20%, all other sales - with an understanding of the needs of the client, consulting, with an individual solution to the tasks - that is, here the online store acts as an aggregator, and not a direct selling tool.

Of course, this will affect the company's processes in 2018 and beyond, and Alexey Shchetkin, our commercial director, tells us about this:

“Our first goal for 2018 is to achieve a total revenue of half a billion rubles; the second is the development of a franchise, the opening of a Top 3D Shop office in each million-plus city to provide people with quick access to our services across the country, while there are six such offices; the third goal is to take a firm position in the industrial segment, to develop targeted solutions for manufacturing companies of various directions, the nearest areas in this area now are metal casting and jewelry industry, such are our plans for the beginning of the year.

Contributes to the implementation of these plans, in particular, the development of the sales department, which now amounts to 20 people and includes employees working in three areas: sales of the online store - this is retail, sales b2b - to organizations, and sales of industrial solutions. The qualifications and knowledge for working in each of these areas need different, for the most part, those that do not intersect with each other, and we successfully develop employees in each area.

In addition, we have developed a training course on the standards of the sales department, which we are actively implementing.

Considering the results of last year and the planned progressive development of the company as a whole, the goal of 500 million turnover seems to me quite achievable.

Work with staff is an important factor in the development of the company. The market of additive technologies is young, it is almost impossible to find trained experienced employees, and the Top 3D Shop is the only company we know that has a developed system of education and adaptation, training specialists in the field of 3D technology. We have been developing this system for more than a year - we collected and processed information, searched for the most effective methods for delivering educational material, formed course programs, and prepared tests.

Now we can give a training course to a new employee and know for sure that he has received the necessary knowledge and skills for professional growth. A newbie manager in our company, having passed the stage of working with customers of an online store, can become a b2b or industrial solutions manager as soon as possible, and we will be confident in his competence and professionalism. We have done everything to make this possible.

You can read more about the device and internal processes of the Top 3D Shop here .

We travel a lot to manufacturers' factories around the world, to thematic conferences and exhibitions, we shoot all this on video, make photo reports and write articles, which we then publish on our blog.

About our trip to the factories of Chinese manufacturers, for example, you can read here .

This helps to establish contact with consumers and contributes to our development. The reader receives reliable first-hand information - if you are interested in additive technologies, digital production and everything related to it, you will find a lot of interesting things
in our blog on 3DToday and on our YouTube channel . "
When we get
acquainted with our office, we go to Balaklava Avenue - show you our production facility.


The concepts of “additive manufacturing” and “3D printing” are rather narrow, they do not include many related and related processes, such as modeling, the operation of robotics and CNC machines, metal casting using 3D printing forms and master models, 3D scanning, all kinds of software from this area and much more. In my vlog, I will call this, collectively, the term Digital Production .

Digital production is the result of global digitalization, digital automation of production and related processes; it is growing at an accelerated pace around the world, including in Russia. Despite the fact that the hype and hype around the additive technologies that have been raging in the infosphere for the past few years have subsided, digital production itself does not think to slow down.

The development of additive devices of the user segment, for home use by completely unprepared users, did not live up to the expectations placed on him - they expected too much from him and started too briskly, the technologies are not yet ready for this, but this is a matter of the near future.

Digital production for professionals, on the contrary, continues to develop at an accelerated pace, which was clearly hinted at at the end of last year at the Formnext 2017 exhibition, which grew one third from the previous one and showed a huge amount of interesting new industrial equipment and integrated solutions.

You can read more about the exhibition and watch the video here .

If you are involved in private production, corporate or state, take a closer look at this area right now - technology is getting cheaper, more affordable, you can already see successful cases of introducing and applying digital production, now is the best time to introduce innovations into your production processes that provide a competitive advantage over more conservative colleagues from other companies.

So, production.

We equipped our production facilities last year. There was nothing here, bare walls. We made ventilation, fire alarms, wiring, internal partitions. Well, that's all. You can read more about this here .

Here, in separate rooms, we have service engineers, 3D printing and scanning, painting, CNC machines and warehouses.

In warehouses, we store equipment that came from the manufacturer and has not yet left to the client. For a long time it does not lie there, there is a constant rotation - arrivals, shipments.

The production department solves many problems with the help of 3D printing, 3D scanning, machine tools and manual assembly. In particular, work is underway on the layout. Some of its parts are printed on 3D printers using two different technologies, FDM and SLA, some are manufactured on CNC machines and, of course, there is a large share of 3D modeling. Next is the assembly.

You can read more about this case here. . Another couple of interesting cases: " How we printed a machine gun from Mars on a 3D printer " and " How we made a copy of the Worker and the collective farmer for the museum of the European Parliament ."

In the room with the machines there are a milling cutter and a laser, right there is a small warehouse of sheet material.

Victor Naumov, the head of our production unit, says:
“Five people are constantly working on Balaklava Avenue. The department is equipped with 3D printers that print using the fused deposition technology - FDM ( Picaso3D , Hercules , Makerbot Z18 ) and photopolymer stereolithography - SLA ( Form2 ) and DLP ( Flashforge Hunter ).

Stereolithography gives high accuracy, here we print products, in particular, for jewelers and dentists. For stationary 3D-scanning, we have a RangeVision scanner , it is used in reverse engineering and for creating digital models for subsequent editing.

With the scanner
for manual scanning, we digitize large objects, from a meter or more, such as cars, monuments, etc. "
In paint, we, surprisingly, paint our products.

The service office employs service engineers. They repair equipment, carry out commissioning and maintenance, review new equipment and provide technical support by email and phone.

This was the first issue of the Top 3D Shop video blog dedicated to the development of digital production. until we just introduced ourselves, it will be much more interesting further: we have planned a series of meetings with top officials of companies that are developing this market - the first interlocutors will be manufacturers of equipment and supplies.

You will help a lot to make this vlog more interesting and useful if you tell us in the comments what area you are from (amateur maker, education, small business, 3D printing studio, dentistry, jewelry, etc.) and what you would like to see in future releases. Waiting for feedback!

Very soon, on the tenth of April, in Moscow, or rather - in Technopolis "Moscow" on Volgogradsky Prospekt will host the annual exhibition and conference Top 3D Expo .

This year's conference is dedicated to digital manufacturing technologies. You will find substantial up-to-date speeches by professionals, an interesting exposition, which includes a real KUKA industrial robot and a booth with augmented reality, as well as our company master classes, free for all guests of the exhibition, and not only for our clients, as usual. Exclusive!

Attending the event itself is also completely free, but the number of seats is strictly limited - advance registration is required. Register on the site and come.

See you!