Mobile on CodeFest: About Architecture, Kotlin, and AR


We finish the CodeFest 2018 program with the main topics of the mobile section. This year, it is balanced between technical topics and “philosophical” reports. Only 11 reports for two days.


Talk about knowledge that will help you write the right code.

About architecture

iOS and Android development this year marks more than 10 years. Mobile applications are overgrown with functionality, and their lifetime in stores can be measured for years.

For new projects developed from scratch, you can lay the architecture with the pros for rapid development. But with development, the project requires new architectural solutions with a shift in emphasis from development speed to cheaper support.

Evgeny Suvorov from Avito will share his architectural development experience.

image Eugene about architecture
"Using Avito as an example, I’ll talk about the approach to modularization of iOS- and Android-applications, what Application Health Check is and its use in the formation of architecture, as well as how to use Code Ownership to the maximum"

About Kotlin

In two years, Kotlin has conquered one platform and is already beginning to expand to another.

Dmitry Gryazin from Avito will talk about new opportunities that Kotlin opens up, and Vladimir from EPAM - how Kotlin makes life easier when writing multi-threaded code.

image Dmitry about the possibilities of Kotlin
“The report is dedicated to cross-platform development on Kotlin. I’ll tell you what possibilities Kotlin allows and what Kotlin is not. ”

image Vladimir Ivanov from EPAM about Kotlin
“In the report, we will look at how coroutines work and how they help solve RxJava problems. I’ll tell you how to seamlessly migrate from RxJava to coroutines and how to cover coroutines with unit tests ”

About Google Assistant

In 2018, Google announced support for the Russian language in Assistant. Alexey Buzdin from GDG Riga will tell and show with an example how to integrate with the new interface that will turn the market around.

image Alexey about Google Assistant
“In the report I’ll show you how to start writing applications for Google Assistant and test them on Android, iOS and Google Home. Within 40 minutes, we will write together the application from scratch and debug it using Google Home »

Firebase Cloud Functions Pro

Last year, Google introduced a feature in its cloud solution that allows you to write backends without backend knowledge. Alexander Denisov from NetCracker will show you how to do this and talk about the pros and cons.


We will discuss the current state of affairs, the prospects for the development of technologies and development approaches, but with technical details.

About AR

At the last WWDC, Apple paid a lot of attention to augmented reality, adding support both at the iron level - the Bionic chip for advanced AR experience in the latest iPhones, and at the software level - ARKit in iOS 11 for creating AR-functionality by mobile developers.

The guys from Exyte started using ARKit from the day the library was announced and managed to create one of the first and most popular examples of using open source augmented reality.

image Yuri Strot about AR
“I'll tell you about the ups and downs of mobile AR. I will share the problems that we encountered as the discoverers of a new area. I’ll tell you about the most interesting "success stories" and the most noticeable failures »

⠀ ⠀

Soft skills

Knowledge reports that do not directly help write code, but take work to a new level.

About a new level

You can simply write code, but you can do more: discuss new screens with the designer, ask questions about the functionality and bring your ideas to the project. Why is this necessary and why it is useful for personal and career growth will be told by Dmitry Zhukov from Ecwid.

image Dmitry about Level up
“Why mobile developers should participate in the design process and thinking through the entire product. Why the designer draws badly and how to help him. Why should an engineer get into this at all, and not just write code?

About the assessment of tasks

Mobile development is changing very quickly: new technologies, frameworks, approaches are emerging. And sooner or later, developers are faced with an assessment of a task that neither they nor any of their team had done before. At such moments, you can easily make a mistake and lose your reputation in front of the customer, lose your personal time or hope for improvement.

Vladimir from Improve Digital found himself in a similar situation: the implementation of In-app purchases in an iOS application took several times longer than planned.

image Vladimir about the assessment of tasks
“I’ll tell you about a situation where the assessment of features has grown from 20 to 120 person hours. What to do if this has already happened, what to do in the future, and how to avoid big mistakes in assessing tasks. ”

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