DIY-creativity from childhood: instilling a love of homemade products

Children learn very quickly - both good and bad. Well, the sooner you start learning the right things, the faster the child will understand the wisdom of this knowledge. For example - work on homemade products, both electronic and quite ordinary, wooden, plastic, metal. Most modern children are immersed in their phones and tablets. So why not show them a different way to engage yourself, moreover, a way that brings real results? DIY in this regard is one of the best options, today we’ll talk about this.

Children's set for engraving with nozzles Pebaro

Pebaro is a modern set for children's creativity, which is designed for engraving. You can perform it on wood, metal, plastic, eggshell or even stone. The main tool is a miniature drill, which comes with four types of nozzles. Each of them is suitable for a specific material:

  • boron mill: wood, soft metal, stone, ceramics, plastic, eggshell;
  • abrasive nozzle: hard metal, soft metal, glass, stone, ceramics, eggshell;
  • HSS drill: wood, soft metal, plastic, eggshell;
  • spherical diamond bur: hard metal, soft metal, glass, stone, ceramics, eggshell.

The drill is designed so that the child can grasp it with his hand without experiencing any inconvenience. Outwardly, it resembles a conventional electric screwdriver. Drills are inserted into a special chuck, which can be clamped quickly using special universal clamps. Their diameter is 2.3 mm, so if you want, you can install a third-party nozzle on the drill.

Of course, when working with such a system, the usual precautions must be followed. First, it is better for the child to be instructed, to show what is not worth doing, so that you do not accidentally get hurt, and then start working. Such a device is not suitable for young children whose fine motor skills are not yet developed to the required level.

The length of the drill is 14 centimeters, and it weighs only 80 grams, so that the child’s hand will not be very tired. Pebaro is sold along with a small case that allows you to take a drill with nozzles at least to the cottage, at least on a trip. Well, you can buy it at Madrobots .

Star Tec Multifunction Burner, Cutter & Soldering Iron

Star Tec is a universal tool for creativity. It combines three tools in one: a burner, a soldering iron and a polystyrene cutter. Each of the functions is quite “adult”. For example, using the same soldering iron it is possible to work with microelectronics - for example, soldering microcircuits.

There are two types of tools - wide and narrow . Wide allows cutting foam to a depth of 95 mm, blocks can be up to 165 mm wide. The narrow one is designed for cutting foam with a width of 70 mm. But the cutting depth may already be 210 mm.

The rest of the devices are the same. They consist of two parts. The first is the main unit, the handle. It is made of blue plastic, complemented by dark blue non-slip inserts. There are no wires, since the device is powered by 4 AA batteries.

The complete set of the device includes nozzles for soldering, burning, and, accordingly, for cutting foam. There are 3 spare strings for the latter. To change the operating mode, just change the nozzle on the main unit.

When working with Star Tec, the usual precautions for soldering or burning wood are to be observed. The system is not in vain positioned as an instrument for senior school age: children at this age have already developed fine motor skills and they understand well what should not be done so as not to cause injury to themselves. However, before starting work, parents are better off instructing the children, and as detailed as possible.

Children's joiner PLAYMAT

This is a children's machine, which is positioned as a system for children of high school age. The machine is completely safe, instructions are attached to it, where the rules of work are spelled out in detail. By the way, last year we did a detailed review of the machine here . By the way, we talked about this in the review, let’s say now - for safe operation it is worthwhile to buy safety glasses. They are inexpensive and are sold at any hardware store.

Playmat is modular, with its help you can create four different types of machines: turning, jigsaw, drilling and grinding. Work is possible only with wood. The modularity also lies in the fact that there can be several machines, of which in this case it is worth forming an entire production line.

As for safety, even a jigsaw machine cannot damage the skin of a child.

• Machine bed
• Tailstock
• Drive assembly
• Drill
• Work table for drilling and grinding machines
• Grinding disc
• Tool holder
• 12 V safe power adapter
• Screwdriver
• Semicircular chisel
• Detailed instructions with assembly drawings and practical examples
• Wooden workpieces for turning and sawing
• Documentation

You can create anything you want - from chess pieces to plywood models. In Russia, this type of machine can be purchased from us at Madrobots.

Educational electronic designer Amperka Robonyash

Amperka is a Russian company that produces educational kits for young electronic engineers. The new designer appeared not so long ago, and with its help you can assemble a miniature rover on electronic control. It can be programmed, for which the kit has everything you need. Well, everything is controlled by the Iskra JS software platform, the basis of which is JavaScript.

The kit includes body parts, wheels, stickers, loops, sensors, micromotors, an expansion board, a motor control board, a lithium-ion battery, an infrared receiver and a remote control - a total of 129 elements. A soldering iron is not needed, the designer elements are inserted into a special Troyka Shield board.

Assembly of the designer takes about two hours. The whole process is divided into separate stages, each of which can be called a mini-training course. The steps get complicated as the assembly progresses. If desired, the child can learn to program in JavaScript - of course, we are talking only about the basics. Well, you can buy a designer from us.