Data collection terminal for EGAIS, or the illusion of deception

In this article, we will continue to debunk myths about rare EGAIS devices that are recommended by someone based on some exclusive features. A simple entrepreneur will turn gray if he begins to independently understand the manuals of the regulatory bodies for the selection of equipment, and then all this marketing is sprinkled from sellers of equipment all over the Internet. So yes. айте разберёмся, что такое ТСД для ЕГАИС.

ТСД для ЕГАИС Honeywell EDA50K с 2D сканером

A common myth about TSD for EGAIS

While preparing this article, we monitored what our colleagues (equipment sellers) write about terminals for EGAIS. Which advise why, by what criteria. What do their segmented product offers look like, etc. Putting ourselves in the place of an entrepreneur who wants to buy a TSD to work with EGAIS, we did not envy him.
Here's an example of one of the horror stories on one of the sites:

«Терминал сбора данных для ЕГАИС – это устройство, оснащенное 2D сканирующим модулем и интегрированное со специальным программным обеспечением для проверки легальности алкогольной продукции – CheckMarkII, разработчиком которой является ФГУП «Центринформ».

Не каждый заявленный для работы терминал сбора данных для ЕГАИС интегрирован с данным ПО, поэтому требуйте у продавца официальное письмо от «Центринформ», подтверждающее успешное прохождение тестирования конкретной модели ТСД для ЕГАИС с ПО CheckMarkII.

У нас представлено два производителя, которые подготовили Терминал сбора данных для ЕГАИС и успешно прошли тестирование, что документально подтверждено.»

Peremptorily formulated, is not it? Let's get it right.
«Терминал сбора данных для ЕГАИС – это устройство, оснащенное 2D сканирующим модулем»
- absolutely right. To work in EGAIS, you need a device with the ability to scan code on an excise stamp, and there we currently have PDF417 and DataMatrix, which are read only by a 2D scanner.

By the way, three days ago Rosalkogolregulirovanie pleased the alcohol market with one more piece of news , in addition to the introduction of the EGAIS 3.0 format, a new type of excise stamps is introduced, on which there will be only one DataMatrix barcode:

Обновленный образцец акцизной марки с 01.07.2018

This, I must say, is the news "so-so." On the one hand, two data loops are combined into one, and on the other hand, this leads to a smaller and more difficult to read code, which can be handled by scanners and terminals with very sensitive optics. How the devices at the disposal of the enterprises will behave, whether they will be suitable for stable reading of such a barcode, and how much the necessary modernization of the technical park of alcoholics will cost, were hardly thought of above.

So yes. TSD for EGAIS is a TSD with a 2D scanner.

We read the terrible tale further:
"… и интегрированное со специальным программным обеспечением для проверки легальности алкогольной продукции – CheckMarkII, разработчиком которой является ФГУП «Центринформ»"
And here we are ready to argue about the mandatory nature of this condition.

What is a TSD integrated with CheckMark2?

CheckMark2 or the software “Mobile Brand Verification” from FSUE “Centrinform” is a program for verifying the legality of the turnover of alcoholic beverages using mobile TSD . The program is designed to compare the information contained in the barcode of a federal special or excise stamp with the database of the Federal Agency for State Property Management. The result is displayed on the screen of the device with the aim of further visual comparison with the information contained on the bottle and FSM / AM. The use of this software is only possible on a specially configured and registered in the prescribed manner TSD.

There are a number of terminal models (very limited) that have been tested for working with this software and received the status of “recommended for use” by Centrinform. The procedure was voluntary, which was used by equipment manufacturers during the first wave of EGAIS. Marketing, it brought its dividends, some terminals were posted on the Centrinform website in the recommended equipment section.

So yes. TSD integrated with CheckMark2 - suitable for work in EGAIS.

What about TSD with a 2D scanner, but NOT integrated with CheckMark2? And here we begin to separate flies from cutlets.

ТСД для ЕГАИС не должен быть интегрирован с CheckMark2 в обязательном порядке

Can the terminal work with EGAIS without CheckMark2?

We answer immediately - it is possible. And, importantly, it’s allowed. No restrictions for working with EGAIS, if you have a TSD without CheckMark2, are not imposed by anyone.

CheckMark2 is a program whose sole function is to check the legality of an excise stamp. For example, a merchandiser scans all or selectively bottles from a received batch and visually on the TSD screen sees confirmation of the brand’s legality. There is no information whether this bottle should be shipped to his company. Further, terminal receivers already receive goods on assignment, while already using other software for inventory purposes. It should be noted that you can register a terminal in Centrinform for working with CheckMark2 only from the attached list (6 models) and each of these TSD must have a 3G module (the cost of these models is about 100 thousand rubles apiece). Then, an application for registration of TSD is submitted to the RAR FS, which is considered under the rules for up to 30 days. After approval, this terminal must be added to the personal account of the enterprise in the FS RAR system. If the terminal fails, you will have to buy a new one and go through the entire registration procedure again.

Процедура регистрации ТСД в ФС РАР занимает до 30 дней

Centrinform Mobile Check Marks software (CheckMark2) is a tool for checking the validity of brands, and it has a good purpose - to help an entrepreneur do this using a data collection terminal . But the use of this program is not a prerequisite when working with EGAIS. At the moment, developers of software products for warehouse and retail automation are offering solutions that verify the validity of brands directly in the process of inventory and retail operations, without using the CheckMark2 module.

How to work with EGAIS on a data collection terminal without CheckMark2?

So, we figured out that to work with EGAIS, a terminal with a 2D scanner is required, and this is mandatory. For the rest (as we wrote in the article about scanners for EGAIS ), the choice of equipment model is determined only by your conditions of use, requirements of business processes and the budget. And here it is worth mentioning that TSD is just a piece of hardware, which will require specialized mobile software .

Earlier we talked about DataMobile EGAIS products in a separate article .

Here I want to add that with a complete transition to blot registration in the EGAIS 3.0 format, there is no need to check the legality of alcohol at the acceptance stage. In ТТН 3.0, all excise stamps that must be supplied have already been entered, respectively, they have already been checked in the FS RAR system at the production stage. A distributor, wholesaler or store only needs to verify the marks from the TTN document with the actual arrival. Any TSD with a 2D scanner can do this.

В ЕГАИС 3.0 отпадает надобность в проверке легальности алкоголя на этапе приемки

In the transition period, when there is still the possibility of product movement according to batch accounting (EGAIS 2.0), there is a need to check such excise taxes for validity and “mirroring” (lack of sales for a particular bottle) so as not to threaten the severity of the responsibility when selling alcohol to the final consumer. Therefore in the program DataMobile EGAIS retains the relevance of the background mark verification tool. The receiver accepts the goods, scans all brands with any TSD with 2D , all brands are transferred to a separate buffer of the goods accounting system and are automatically checked in the background on the FS RAR server. This check occurs by sending data for verification to the PAP server and does not require the use of the CheckMark2 module. Accordingly, you can use the simplest terminal with DataMobile EGAIS software even in an offline version (for example , we offer a total of 36 thousand rubles for the ready-made Warehouse PRO EGAIS kit , which includes TSD with software).

What else can I recommend to an entrepreneur for working with excise stamps?

For retail in the DataMobile EGAIS software, it is possible to automatically upload all verified brands to Frontol AlcoUnit. Frontol AlcoUnit is a software for controlling the sale of alcohol at the box office, which will protect the store owner from unreasonable fines. The software allows you to check the brand before sending a sales report to the server of the RAR FS, whether the brand is on the balance sheet of your company or not.

What is it for? This is protection against unscrupulous sellers on the trading floor who are not averse to bargaining with their alcohol, bought “around the corner”. Such alcohol may not be counterfeit, but profit from the sale is already going to the thief’s pocket. Also, often retail accepts TTN “on trust” and alcohol comes in without validation. This can happen for various reasons, for example, there is not enough time to accept the goods with a scan of each bottle. In this case, Frontol AlcoUnit will become an additional barrier to prevent the retail store from becoming a subject of claims by regulatory authorities if the fact of sale at the checkout has any inconsistencies with the EGAIS system.

Frontol AlcoUnit защитит владельца магазина от необоснованных штрафов

In custody

Working with alcohol products in the EGAIS system, with its updates, additions and innovations, is an ordeal for honest entrepreneurs. I don’t want the honest business to be fed with stories about the fact that you must buy equipment for 100 thousand rubles, wait 30 minutes to register the TSD in the system, and work only with strictly defined software. The choice of TSD for EGAIS is not limited by anything other than the type of scanning module. And choosing TSD, remember the need for mobile software for TSD and work with EGAIS . The choice of such software also has no restrictions on the part of the FS RAR.