What will be in the new Workspace ONE from VMware

VMware " provided " with new solutions Workspace ONE - a single platform for a digital workspace for administering applications. The updated version offers more reliable protection of the environment when working with “networks without borders”, AI and MO systems for analyzing user behavior, as well as the ability to control the application life cycle.

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Workspace ONE Intelligence

Workspace ONE Intelligence is a new cloud service that collects and analyzes data from applications, networks and end devices. It integrates the Decision Engine. It evaluates the performance of infrastructure components (devices, networks, etc.). Based on the analysis, Decision Engine then provides practical advice to IT staff.

Decision Engine can automatically make decisions based on specified IS rules and corporate policies (for example, restrict access to services and applications for individual users or groups), as well as scan for vulnerabilities in Windows 10 devices and automatically apply appropriate patches.

So IT can track security incidents and respond to malicious actions before they adversely affect the performance of applications and devices. For example, specialists can detect events with a high security risk, control user access, etc.
Among the features of Workspace ONE Intelligence, the following stand out:

  • Integrated Insights: Collects information about the status of the digital workspace. This data shows which systems are working properly and which are not. Then, based on these data, recommendations are formed on optimizing resources or improving the service. In addition, Integrated Insights allows you to evaluate the security of the environment and the quality of customer service in real time. Also, the tool is able to generate reports to analyze the current state of the infrastructure and visualize this information.
  • Insights-Driven Automation: Helps users automatically troubleshoot issues across the digital space and prevent unauthorized access. Decision Engine enables IT to streamline routine tasks and use presets to manage devices.

Workspace ONE Intelligence has already been tested in 48 schools in the Corona-Nork United District (Riverside, California). According to Brian Troudy, District Director of Network Technology and Infrastructure, the integration of the new Workspace ONE Intelligence solution helped automate security tasks and improve the interaction of the platform and its users (teachers, students and administrators).

Workspace ONE Trust Network

According to Gartner forecasts , global spending on information security will reach 93 billion in 2018. More and more companies are investing in protective solutions, but they are often supplied by different organizations. VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network helps you systems, WAF, etc.). It combines Workspace ONE security tools with partner company security products. VMware has already joined Carbon Black, CrowdStrike, Cylance, Lookout, McAfee, Netskope and Symantec.

Representatives of one of the partner organizations - Carbon Black - told that ONE Trust Network integrates with products such as Cb Defense (a platform for predictive analytics and protection against cyber threats), Cb Predictive Security Cloud (cloud-based analytical platform) and Next-Gen Antivirus (an antivirus that monitors attack vectors and monitors business security) company processes).

Carbon Black’s senior vice president of business development, Tom Barsi, said the combination of Cb Predictive Security Cloud and Workspace ONE enables customers to better protect their applications and networks from cyber threats. To this end , the product was equipped with MO systems that analyze the behavior of infrastructure components. Users can track deviations from the normal operation of systems and anticipate attacks.

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Workspace ONE AirLift

This solution coexists with SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager - a product for managing IT infrastructure) and allows you to manage the life cycle of devices based on Windows 10. Sharing AirLift and SCCM accelerates and simplifies the implementation of software, error correction, support for users working with remote terminal.

All users of the platform will be able to test AirLift in April 2018.

One cloud destination

The solution allows you to run virtual desktops in the cloud or on-premise. The function also ensures the security of all applications and automatically controls their life cycle, regardless of the OS and device used.

Other Workspace ONE Updates

Among the additional updates to Workspace ONE are the following:

  • Simplified Mac experience: macOS and Workspace ONE users will have access to all applications, including virtual Windows applications.
  • Enhanced security for O365 applications: through the integration of Microsoft Graph API and Workspace ONE, the IT department will be able to use DLP tools , as well as security monitoring tools that “block” access to O365 in case of threats.
  • VMware Boxer: Helps users complete tasks in many business applications (Salesforce, Jira, or Concur) from their Boxer email application.
  • Horizon Cloud on Azure VDI: VMware and Microsoft have launched a beta version of VMware virtual desktops on Azure. Horizon Cloud enables Azure customers to manage Windows virtual desktops and applications. The product release is scheduled for next year, however, you can test the beta version of the solution now .

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