Andrey Bezrukov's lecture on the digital economy, global challenges and how it feels to be a spy

In 2010, the son of a Canadian diplomat, a graduate of York University and the John F. Kennedy School of Management at Harvard University, known as Donald Howard Heathfield, was detained in the United States in a case involving a network of canned illegal intelligence officers. In June 2010, in Vienna, as part of an exchange of spies, the FBI exchanged him and another 10 people for 4 scouts deployed in Russia.

Today, Andrei Bezrukov (real name), whose history formed the basis of the series “Americans,” is an adviser to the president of Rosneft and an assistant professor at the Department of Applied Analysis of International Problems at MGIMO.

Andrey Bezrukov delivered a guest lecture in English at Innopolis University at the invitation of students of the master's program Developing secure systems and networks . There are Russian subtitles.