Digest of IT events for April

As always, we are celebrating the new month with a new review. By all indications, in April we will see a jump in the activity of employers organizing events to search for personnel. Data Science and cryptocurrencies hold positions in popular topics of discussion, and individual conferences on the problems of infrastructure, security and IT in medicine add a touch of novelty.

Hackathon Cyber ​​Garden # 8
When: March 30 - April 1
Where: Taganrog, per. Nekrasovsky, 44
Terms of participation: free of charge, registration is required
Spring 48-hour programming marathon, loved by many programmers in the South of Russia. According to its results, winners in each of four categories will be selected: the best educational project; The best entertainment project; best business solution; best social project.

Cisco Connect
When: April 3-4
Where: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 12,
Participation conditions: 26 000 rub. (for both days)
Cisco invites students to a conference on the changing network requirements and architectural simplification issues that arise. The speakers will tell what should be done by companies to cope with the increasing workload, properly organize network interaction and ensure information security. The conference is divided into eight streams, which include topics such as corporate network infrastructure, collaboration technologies, information security, the Internet of things, solutions for telecom operators and the use of Cisco services.

M-Health Congress
When: April 3
Where: Moscow, ul. Poklonnaya, 3 A
Terms of participation: 10 000 rub.

An annual gathering of specialists at the intersection of two areas - medicine and IT - to discuss new products in mobile technologies and the potential for their use in the healthcare sector. The presentations will cover two main pools of problems: the introduction of technologies in the process of treatment and patient care and the use of mobile solutions for monitoring health status. In addition to this, the speakers will touch upon other capabilities of modern technologies - remote medical care, telemedicine and prevention based on machine learning.

IB code
When: April 5
Where: Voronezh, pr. Revolutsii 38, Marriott Hotel
Conditions of participation: free of charge
Mass discussions on information security continue to flare up around the country; in April Voronezh’s turn will come. The composition of the speakers is a mix of local and metropolitan experts. The program is divided into several thematic blocks. From a collective discussion of the latest changes in requirements and methods, participants will move on to reports on the specifics of technical implementation. Afternoon is given to conversations about managerial trends, legal regulation and practical stories. The conference will end with an interactive program, on the basis of which a dozen hot questions in the field of information security will subsequently be compiled, and a prize draw.

Selenium WebDriver: A Complete Guide
When: April 6 - May 18
Где: онлайн
Terms of participation: 10 000 rub.

Those who value Selenium in theory have the opportunity to thoroughly familiarize themselves with it in practice and receive the appropriate certificate. The organizers emphasize that one of the main advantages of the course is its narrow focus. Instead of scattering in attempts to cover as many languages, frameworks and libraries as possible, they will focus on the full disclosure of the stated topic (by the way, if you find a more comprehensive training or book, you will be refunded the tuition). The course is designed for people with programming experience; The basic principles and methods of using Selenium will be accompanied by examples in five supported languages. The course consists of 12 hours of theoretical studies, practice and homework. The full program is provided on the site.

Strike 2018
When: April 6-7
Where: Ulyanovsk, Lenin Memorial
Participation Conditions: 3 000 rub.

The Seventh Strike in Ulyanovsk will bring together IT specialists from different cities and countries to discuss a wide range of topics. The program announced four categories of reports: development, digital, business and trends. Developers will consider problems such as progressive migration, network connection security, signatures, stress tests, the new look of DDoS attacks, error handling, architecture, UX and front-end - and this is only a small part. For the convenience of participants, the performances are divided into four main sections (IS, Frontend, Mobile, Before and after the code), each of which has a separate location. The even more variegated and diverse category of “Trends” is worth paying attention to lovers of the most sensational topics (section “Internet of Things”), designers (sections “Graphic Production”, “Design”) and all, кто интересуется образованием и построением карьеры в сфере IT.

When: April 7
Where: Moscow, ul. Kiev, 3
Terms of participation: 6000 rubles.

Deep immersion in Data Science: within one day, the organizers intend to give the audience a volume of material worthy of an average course. Everyone interested is invited to participate, even with a zero level of knowledge on the topic - speakers will go from the very basics. Participants will learn what neural networks are, why they appeared and how to solve real problems with their help. The program includes introductory presentations with basic concepts, an overview of issues, and discussion of topics such as processing anomalies, working with time series, generative models, and recommendation systems. Practicing developers will share cases from their practice and tips that have been tested empirically. The audience will have the opportunity to ask experts questions that have arisen and learn more about other initiatives where you can deepen your knowledge on the topic.

When: April 6-7
Where: Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 12, WTC Congress Center
Participation conditions: 32 000 rub.

JPoint holds the mark of a hardcore conference for the advanced, where it comes to Java and only Java (in particular, performance, concurrency, testing, distributed systems, high workloads and general perspectives). This year, guests will include experts from Pivotal, IBM, Azul Systems, JetBrains, JetLog, Oracle and other large companies. In two days, participants will listen to presentations in two languages, where work with Kotlin and semantics exactly once, code refactoring and the Internet of things, Spring and JVM languages ​​will be affected. In the evening, the organizers offer everyone an entertainment of atypical formats: “What? Where? When?" in programming and BoF sessions with improvisation from speakers.

IT Trends 2018
When and Where:
St. Petersburg - April 7, Medikov 3, Congress Center "LPM"
Moscow - April 14, VDNH
Participation conditions: free

Venues for communication and meetings of applicants with potential employers will be organized in April in the two largest cities of Russia. How to find a prestigious job and make a good career are eternal questions, and it will be decided by participants in a specialized conference on career mining. Priority will be given to the most ambitious projects and fashionable niches: all the same deep learning, data science and the crypto sector with bonus gamedev. The event will be attended by representatives of leading domestic companies who will talk about vacancies, disclose requirements and voice special offers. The theoretical part of the conference consists of 15 reports from experts, the practical part - various contests, competitions, master classes and speed dating with specialists.

Krasnodar Backend: Meetup # 2

When: April 7
Where: Krasnodar, st. Karasunskaya, 60, BC Karasunsky
Terms of participation: 200 rubles.

Krasnodar backend enthusiasts are preparing a second gathering and inviting all like-minded people to join. On the agenda are four reports from practicing backends (preparation of the chatbot, Elasticsearch and what it can do, the advantages of F # compared to Go and C # and the instructive experience with Docker Swarm), as well as a lot of room for communication on professional and free topics and regular tea breaks.

ICO Summit & Competition
When: April 9-11
Where: Innopolis (transfer from Kazan, from the Korston hotel)
Participation conditions: 18 000 rub.

At this conference, the crypto sector will be considered in a special context: we will talk about the token market, its laws, mechanics and investment potential. Evangelists from different countries will offer their views on security issues, risk management and strategic planning of ICO during the educational session. Then panel discussions and presentations from a number of top companies will follow, showing successful examples of tokenization in various fields. Also during the day, three workshops will be organized, where experts will tell you how to assess prospects, get the most out of the ICO and not face legal difficulties. Of course, it will not do without the traditional battle of startups for the attention of investors - ICO Competition with a prize fund of $ 10,000.

VI Breakpoint Forum
When: April 13-15
Where: Moscow, MSTU named after N.E. Baumana
Terms of participation: free

Thinking about the future, students of technical specialties will be able to get burning questions like “What to do next?” and "Who will hire me?" answers to your questions on the technology forum. Perhaps the most attractive point of the program is a job fair, which will be attended by representatives of many reputable companies (Megafon, FM Logistic, Philips, Fleetcor, P&G, Bosch, ROSBANK, Lafarge Holcim, HILTI, Renault, Schneider Electric). In addition to assisting with job placement, the organizers also offer a host of other opportunities: learn something new at workshops and intensives, listen to other people's stories at expert sessions, or simply program for the soul at a three-day hackathon. For startup teams, a special intensive is provided, where you can get not only tips on finalizing the product and entering the market, но и солидные денежные влияния.

Fail Conference
When: April 16
Where: St. Petersburg, Leo Tolstoy, 1-3, front door between Boucher and the Workshop
Participation conditions: free, registration is required
Therapeutic and instructive initiative from the IIDF under the motto “Let's talk about our mistakes, not those of others” . Three speakers with extensive experience in project development will set an example by telling what mistakes they made in their practice and what sad consequences this led to. Students will get food for thought about issues such as the pace of market entry, professional burnout, and teamwork.

Blockchain Conference Russia
When: April 17-18
Where: Moscow, 5th Ray Prosek, 7, p. 1
Terms of participation: 15,000 rubles.

The largest international event on the blockchain, which will be held for the seventh time this year, will bring together well-known experts from Russia, Europe and the USA and more than 2,000 participants - developers, financiers, crypto sector experts, investors. Speakers in their speeches will talk about both the rules of cryptocurrency trading and the technical side of the blockchain and the features of promoting blockchain projects. The event will host an exhibition of software (cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain platforms, services for trading) and mining equipment from reputable manufacturers. It will also present projects of participants entering the ICO.

AI Conference 2018
When: April 19
Where: Moscow, st. Poklonnaya, d. 3-A, p. 4
Terms of participation: 12,000 rubles.

Artificial intelligence in a pragmatic context: in which areas it is applicable and what problems it can solve. Engineers, architects, researchers and directors will share cases on the successful implementation of AI technologies in business, touch on pitfalls and obstacles. During the discussions, different directions will be touched upon (recognition, forecasting, chatbots) and examples from a number of areas (automotive industry, service robotics, diagnostics, banking) will be attracted. In the exhibition area, visitors can get acquainted with the latest solutions from foreign and domestic developers. A meeting with investors and a qualifying competition will be held for the owners of the strats.

Mentors Club
When: April 26
Where: St. Petersburg, Leo Tolstoy, 1-3, front door between Boucher and the Workshop
Participation conditions: free, registration is required

Startup developers and owners of working IT businesses can get feedback and advice from IIDF experts at the next meeting in late April. Applicants are required to have a prototype, a seven-minute presentation of the project (problem, market situation, business model, technology) and readiness for an open dialogue. Experts will evaluate the product and development plan, as well as consider the possibilities of cooperation. Teams whose projects are still at the idea stage are also invited to participate as listeners.