Our Friday quest for system administrators and not only

We at Flant love IT quests - those who got a job with us know this very well. And so it turned out that in my free time from my main job I was lucky enough to come up with another puzzle.

The decision to publish it in the system administration hub is due to the fact that to a greater degree we classify ourselves as this category of IT specialists, however the full completion of the quest requires ingenuity in the context of more general IT competencies. In general, if you, like us, even (and especially!) Weekend (or maybe already Friday?) Want to occupy your mind some interesting challenges - welcome! We even promise a prize to the fastest winner.


To start the quest, just look at the picture below. Enjoy!


  • Please do not post the final answer in the comments without the tag spoiler .
  • The winner will be the first user of the Habra (excluding the employees of our company, even though for the most part they have not yet seen this quest) , who left a comment with the final answer to the quest (we believe that you will understand when this answer is received).
  • We will send the winner DIY-kit based on Arduino - Matryoshka the Z .


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