Overview of KPI Automation Programs

More than half of top managers and business owners are currently unhappy with the current situation in the company for employee management, constant turnover, discontent and sloppiness of staff. Heads of departments either ignore the problems within the team entrusted to them or do nothing to solve them, receiving a salary and making a discount on the “constant crisis in the economy”.

Therefore, the correct setting of business goals, payment by the result, the introduction of kpi-indicators of performance evaluation for each employee of the company, whether it is line staff or tops, becomes a task and a headache No. 1, especially since the business owner often finds out about problems in the team almost the last, and he is most often very busy to correct the situation quickly and with little blood in a short time. As a result, business loses efficiency by 15-20% and almost always sags in time for a couple of months.

However, not everything is so simple, many companies have already learned to set annual goals, but this is not enough. The economic crisis, by and large, is in my head, but much can change over the year from the introduction of the new Federal Law to the decree of the key employee responsible for project management. Therefore, the Performance Management methodology is, first of all, a regular assessment of personnel (there are a lot of methods: assessment centers, 360 assessment, etc.), increasing staff motivation and involvement, as well as managing talents and personnel reserve of the organization.

The second difficulty lies in automating the process of collecting, structuring and evaluating information by indicators. For many large Russian companies, it is still considered normal to “take out” all this huge layer of work on the chief accountant in exel for 1,500-2,000 people (a monument to such an employee is the opinion of the author).

Below is a comparative description of software solutions for the automation of KPI management, not just for calculating monthly bonuses and bonuses, but for transparent and effective monitoring of the activities of all employees of the organization, including management. These are the programs that I know, I once saw a similar review on the site, but unfortunately a long time ago, and the topic became relevant with the advent of a new leader in the company.

There are many software solutions on the Russian market for assessing personnel according to KPI that differ in each other both in terms of functionality, the depth of the methodological study, and the convenience of the interface. However, it will be advisable to consider the most popular solutions. In the review, we will consider such software products as “KPI-Drive”, “1C: Goal Management and KPI”, “HighPer”, “KPI Monitor”, “Elma KPI”, “KPI Suite”, “Sucsess Factors”. The data for the review was taken from open sources, in particular, from official websites of developers. It should be noted that some information in the review may not be available, due to the fact that the developer did not post it on his site, and obtaining a demo version is not always possible.

From my own experience, I can say that there is a lot of information on the network, but it is fragmented and needs to be structured before saying anything to its director. I will not publicize anyone, I won’t even say who we chose in the end, I just bring to your attention a comparative analysis created by me.

I will listen with interest to the opinions of specialists, experts and those who are not indifferent about performance management trends.


KPI-Drive was developed one of the first in the Russian market. Initially developed on a cloud platform and works through a web browser. At the same time, the software product interface looks somewhat outdated. The author of the product has developed its own methodology for implementing the personnel assessment system and, as a result, the product’s functionality has developed in accordance with the author’s methodology. Most users of the solution are those employees who have taken copyright courses and developed a rating system according to the proposed methodology. Since the product is built entirely on the author’s approach, this is its weak point both in terms of universality (application of personnel assessment methods that are widely used in Russian enterprises) and the possibility of adaptation. In addition to the functionality for recording the performance of quantitative and qualitative indicators, Well-designed functionality for managing employee benefits: payroll, taxes, etc. The solution involves the collective work of employees with the system to coordinate goals and take stock. The solution does not have a mobile version. There are no visualization tools, there is no open information about the availability of automated data loading tools. There is a kind of report designer. The site provides reviews and reviews on implemented solutions.

1C: Goal Management and KPI

1C : Goal Management and KPI written on the 1C: Enterprise 8.3 platform. This is one of the competitive advantages of the solution, since the platform is widely used in companies in the territory of the former Soviet Union. The solution can integrate with other accounting systems on the platform of the same name. In the system, you can independently design various personnel assessment methods (KPI, tasks, standards), automate regular evaluation procedures (typical business process and setting alerts). Interactivity is realized through the use of personal user accounts, which can be configured in accordance with roles and rights. The personnel and service functionality includes: calculation of premiums, rating formation, dashboards and graphs by indicators, report designers for business analysis. The interface is provided by the 1C platform: Enterprise and familiar to most users working in the b2b sector. It is possible to use the WEB interface and work "in the cloud", the mobile version is not available. There is a developed functionality for automatic data collection: data collection via com-connection, exchange of xml-packages, connection of external data sources - seamless integration with most popular DBMSs. There is information on implemented solutions both among medium-sized and large companies.

KPI Monitor

KPI Monitor It is patented and entered into the register of Russian software (as well as 1C: Office for Goals and KPI), as part of the import substitution program. The solution is more positioned as a business intelligent (BI) tool. As a result, the solution architecture focuses on working with quantitative data (KPI), the functionality allows the use of multivariate data analysis and interactive visualization. The program has ample opportunities for the consolidation of quantitative indicators, a convenient and user-friendly interface. The development of functionality within the framework of the EPM concept allows the use of the solution by top management and financial services for financial planning and forecasting. To solve performance management tasks, it is possible to launch a “reporting company”, collect competency ratings, but there is no possibility of coordinating an action plan (tasks and projects). Also, the pluses include the mobile application. The list of buyers includes large companies, in particular, banks. There are special conditions for the acquisition of educational institutions.


The Highper solution has very limited functionality and a somewhat outdated design, despite the fact that it has appeared on the market relatively recently. On the other hand, a simple KPI calculation tool may be in demand by small businesses, since it does not require significant initial setup costs. The assessment model allows you to use both quantitative criteria, manage tasks, and use scorecards. There are several pre-configured reports; graphical visualization tools are completely absent. There is a function of reminders: for stating a fact to the system administrator or about the invincibility of filling out score sheets. It is possible to download data from MS Excel, 1C (for zp), csv, xml.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors - refers to complex HRM systems, therefore, this review discusses the Performance & Goals module. The solution is developed on a cloud platform and is a web portal for coordinating goals and organizing the process of evaluating employees in an organization. It is possible to set goals, cascade them throughout the organization, and monitor current performance statuses. A high degree of interactivity by providing interaction on one site, using a mobile application. Routing can be configured for the evaluation process, integration with e-mail is implemented to send reminders and messages about deadlines. The process of calibrating goals allows you to identify the best and worst employees in the company, ample opportunities for visualizing the dynamics of fulfilling goals and a large selection of personnel forms and reports. It is possible to adjust the remuneration in accordance with the amount of personal contribution to the success of the company. Based on the available information on the developer's website, we can conclude that there are large-scale projects with large businesses (mainly not in Russia). Moreover, investments in the implementation of the project with this product will be one of the highest. In addition, access to the solution may be limited in Russia, due to the requirements of the law to store personal data on servers located in the Russian Federation (now the data center is located abroad).

Elma KPI

Elma KPI - an automated system that allows you to build a map of the strategic and operational goals of the company, and then decompose them to individual employees. To create performance matrices, both quantitative and qualitative indicators are used. There is a constructor for setting up business processes, but there are no templates for conducting evaluation sessions, while the internal communications function is well developed: you can leave comments, send messages. There are no opportunities to manage the payroll, only one report on labor costs was found. There is a designer through which you can configure control panels, many filters and data sorting capabilities. The program has an app in the App Store for iPAD. The solution has great variability in data collection mechanisms: measuring embedded business processes, direct database queries, data collection from websites, data collection from email, integration with OLAP cubes, etc. There are no published embedded solutions for this system module on the site.

KPI Suite

KPI Suite It is positioned as a software platform designed to organize collaboration between employees. The developer offers ready-made products (modules) developed on this platform, including for staff evaluation. The main emphasis in the solution is made on the organization of interactive work of employees, data visualization using information panels. There is a project, risk management unit, a strategic panel in the form of a classic BSC-card. No information was found about the ability to generate reports. Also, there are no tools to support typical performance management processes and alerts. The supplier declares support for downloading data from various DBMSs using intermediate tables - storefronts. Information on completed projects is very modestly presented.


In order to present all the information collected, a comparative table was prepared with an assessment of software products for each criterion using a five-point scale. Such information will help save time and effort when deciding on the choice of a software product and launching an automation project. However, you need to understand that the project for the implementation of performance management in small, medium and large businesses will have its own characteristics and priorities. Industry specifics also impose their requirements and limitations. For this reason, the final score for each decision is not set in the table. To make the right decision in each case, you need to understand which of the criteria you need to take into account and with what weight.